Good Snacks For Diabetics That Curb Hunger And Boost Your Energy

Hummus Dip With Vegetables

Hummus and vegetables makes a delicious snack!

Managing diabetes is strenuous, especially when it comes to your diet. If you have diabetes, you more than likely plan your meals out in advance to avoid blood sugar spikes, but what about snacking?

It’s hard to plan snacks, especially since they’re more crave-based than nutrition-based. The good news is, there are plenty of readily available options when it comes to good snacks for diabetics.

Normally, fatty or sugary foods come to mind when you think about snacks, but when better food choices are made, snacks can actually be beneficial. They can curb your hunger and boost your energy to help you make it to your next meal.

When it comes to diabetes, whole grains, certain fruits, and most vegetables are the usual suspects that are considered ideal foods for blood sugar levels. For this reason, many good snacks for diabetics contain these foods.

Keep reading below and feel free to grab some of these safe snacks when hunger hits between meals. Remember, keep portion sizes in mind and don’t overindulge just because it’s a healthy snack. For complete diabetic meal plans and great food choices that go beyond snacking, try the Diabetes Destroyer:

Snacks Based On Grams Of Carbs

Most carbohydrates are usually off-limits to people with diabetes or only consumed in moderation. This can be hard when snacking since so many on-the-go foods are high in carbohydrates. Below are some good snacks for diabetics that are low in carbs.

Examples of snacks with less than five grams of carbs include: almonds (no more than 15 of them), celery sticks, a quarter of an avocado, baby carrots (five of them), eight green olives, five cherry tomatoes with a tablespoon of ranch dressing, a hard-boiled egg, one-quarter cup of blueberries, a sugar-free popsicle, and one cup of light popcorn.

Snacks that have 10 to 20 grams of carbs include: one cup of chicken noodle soup made with water, a small apple, one-quarter cup of cottage cheese paired with one-half cup of canned fruit, a quarter-cup of a dried fruit and nuts mix, two rice cakes with a tablespoon of peanut butter, or one cheese quesadilla made with a six-inch whole wheat tortilla, a quarter-cup of salsa, and an ounce of shredded cheese.

Foods with 30 grams of carbs are best eaten before exercise and include things like: one slice of whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of peanut butter plus a cup of milk, six ounces of light yogurt mixed with a three-quarter cup of berries, or a medium banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Specific Delicious Snack Suggestions

The above options are great for quick bites while you’re on the go, but what about when you’re at home lounging in front of the television?  During those times, you usually want a snack with a little more “oomph”. Try out the following snacks good for diabetics when you’re looking for something more than just an apple or a few baby carrots.

Hard-boiled eggs were mentioned before, but egg salad takes that plain egg to another level. Mash your hard-boiled egg with some reduced-fat mayo and snack on that with some multi-grain crackers or on a single slice of whole-grain bread. You can also eat the egg salad directly with a spoon instead of pairing it with something else.

Another great snack is hummus with vegetables. Take one-third cup of hummus and use it as a dip for vegetables like celery sticks, pepper slices, carrot sticks, or cucumber slices. Similarly, Greek yogurt and raisins can help cure a sweet craving. A half-cup of yogurt can easily be topped with a tablespoon of raisins to create a delicious and satisfying snack.

Are you really ambitious? Why not make yourself a mini-pizza? Start with a six-inch whole-grain tortilla as your crust and spread a low-sodium tomato sauce on it. Top that with a few sliced olives, some mushrooms, onions and peppers, and one ounce of shredded cheese to create a delicious snack that won’t spike your blood sugar.

All of the above options are good snacks for diabetics and will satisfy your hunger without ruining all the hard work you put into maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

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